We are the only ISP in Upper Westchester or Putnam to offer shell accounts,the most economical means of access to the new world of information,as an independent entry level option.

A shell account costs $30 per quarter,with no usage limits.

This includes an electronic mailbox,access to our news server(whose spool is one of the largest maintained by a local ISP anywhere),and the various Internet tools of Lynx(a text-based World Wide Web browser), gopher,archie,FTP,Telnet(which makes Putnam Internet our calling area's CHEAP connection to online services without numbers here),Internet Relay Chat,and much more...the whole networked world at your fingertips.

To use a shell account you need only a modem,a terminal program,and any computer at all that can run it...your computer acts as a terminal on the CPUs at Putnam Internet,where you have 3 megabytes of storage reserved for your files,personal Web page,and so on.We can help you select the software and hardware needed to make the best use of it.

If you have more sophisticated software and hardware,you may want to get a PPP account,which costs $16 a month with no usage limits.PPP accounts use the Point-to-Point Protocol to place your computer directly on the Internet...the programs are running at your site,not ours,we provide only the connection.This enables more resource-intensive uses like graphics (and now sound and video) on Web pages without slowing the system down. (Also,these accounts can run normally with one of our servers out!) If you have a Firefox type browser (SeaMonkey,Netscape,etc) you probably want this type of account...our most popular option.This also enables you to connect to AOL through our local phone numbers.

For $23 a month,you may have your own Static IP address and hostname for your machine.

For $1 each per month additional,you may have mail aliases to go with your account...other names(@put.com) that also bring mail into your box.

For higher levels of services,see Business Services.