For businesses,we offer various levels of service beyond the standard consumer accounts for individuals.All include a Static IP address for your use.

For $29 a month we offer Basic Business Service,which allows use of five times as much space for Web(double this again for $8 more a month) and a host name of your own(

For $45 a month we will host Virtual Domains(such as or on our servers,with even more space available.(Different domain extensions may require additional registration fees,which are your responsibility and not collected by us).

If you want to be completely free of limits on your space usage, you can simply connect your own computers to dedicated dialup lines for your exclusive use...$275 setup and $150 a month for 28.8K or 33.6K dialup access,far more cost-effective than a leased circuit if you're located where high-speed lines don't exist.

We are open to negotiation on co-located servers and other ideas.

Real ISDN service may be offered both for dialup and dedicated lines if cost-effective.